Acido Dorado: Mies Finally Loses Control And Gets Giddy

outside-pool-fence-gold1___2d3401dbab58d49e5c491294aee95f3d.jpgFor those of you who thought Rosa Muerta was pretty sweet (and most of you did, the house got jillions of hits and went on a magazine tour) we would like to direct your attention to the amazing Acido Dorado.  We got wind of this last December, but in our winter business flurry we let it fall to others to announce the awesomeness.  Now we chime in.

Acido Dorado.  It's like Mies is still doing houses, and he's in his late-period expressionist phase, and he's really lost his previous control.  This is a good thing.  He brilliantly does his color-symmetry thing, except this time with the desert, and the color GOLD MIRROR.

Except it's not Mies.  It's Robert Stone, who develops these houses and then rents them out.  The most brilliant strategy for creating new and idiosyncratic buildings in the USA today.  Don't take our word for it, just read the website:

Acido Dorado sits in a 180 degree nook of a small mountain of rocks and presents on the outside a long and low chopped and channeled profile with huge mirrored overhangs, hearts, flowers, and 3 colors of acid-tinged metallic gold. Inside, it's all preppy-glam; a beige and tweed country club strung out on gold and mirror accents.

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