Oscar Niemeyer: Never Say Die

Torre de TV Digital.jpg
Oscar Niemeyer, the guy who designed Brasilia in 1737, is still alive, and designing buildings!  He just finished the design for Torre Digital, a new TV tower for the capital of Brazil, on his Atari 2600, and the rendering has now been shared with us. Facts about the tower:

Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Height: 180m (about 62 stories)
Number of Glass Domes: 2
Programs in the domes: 1 restaurant, 1 art gallery
Surrounded by: 1 Curved ramp over a reflecting pool (what else?)
Best translated pull quote (by Secretary of Culture): "I'm very optimistic, because this will be one of our sights. I'm sure."
Amount of Crazy in the Design: 100%

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