Hollin Hills Is Where Home Is

Hollin Hills Charles Goodman 1949 - 2.jpgHollin Hills is a modernist residential development from the middle of the last century in Alexandria, Virginia, not far from the US capital.  This is our thing, and we have several bookmarks around these developments.  The development was designed by architect Charles Goodman and features many of his house designs.  What's exciting to me is how fresh and alive the houses look now.  And, how wonderful of a departure it is for houses which in that part of the country are mind-numbingly attached to being some form of Oldene Lookinge Colonial Style.  For those of you looking to explore, there is a house tour of Hollin Hills on May 1.

In fact, there's a few modern real estate gems for sale, and an entire website devoted to finding them.  Some good deals there too: people in that neck of the woods apparently haven't caught on to how cool these houses are yet.


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