Rosa Muerta


Add this to our list of productive takes on Mies's legacy: Mies Van Der Rohe gets detailed by a motorcycle gang. Rosa Muerta is the architect Robert Stone's design-build building in Joshua Tree, California. The house appears to have no traditional enclosure. In fact, it has traditional nothing! Appearing afar as if it is one of Mies Van Der Rohe's unbuilt court houses (or his Museum For A Small City), it turns out to be much, much weirder. The ceiling is mirrored, which is kind of amazingly brilliant. It is open to the elements, also a brilliant take on what Mies's buildings should be. The stainless steel columns, wrapped in black rope, reference something like an Alvar Aalto-like material kindness. But then we get to the black-painted concrete block. Which is everywhere. With a giant heart cut out of it. Or the wrought iron grid fencing, complete with iron roses. All black. It's so completely over the top we have nothing but affection for the whole thing. The mirrored ceiling, and how it reflects the desert, kind of sealed the deal for us.

It can be yours for $200 a night, two night minimum.


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