Tetra-Shed, The Useable Shed

tetra-shed-modular-office-1.jpgTetra-Shed: new awesome design object that seems perfectly designed for press release, without ever giving you a sense of it being completely real.  It's a black Tony Smith sculpture to please the art crowd.  It's functional! yet stylish for all that garden computing you do, for the Wallpaper/Dwell subscribers.  It's modular! for the architects.  It's manly and expensive for the GQ/Gilt Group followers.  And, it's coming out in the near future for some undisclosed sum, for those of us who find it amusing, absurd, and who are going to forget all about it tomorrow. 

Favorite part of the website: its uses are a range of applications (meaning we'll build these for anyone who pays) like classrooms, exhibition space (because a sitting down at a computer is totally the same environment as an exhibition), corporate events (it's a step up for those so kinda can't argue with that one), tourism and leisure facilities (like a pool or tennis court?  do tell), and retail space.  Which this is all perfectly suited for.  

Don't get me wrong, the object is completely cool and I don't care what it's for, because as someone whose life was altered when they found out Alexander Graham Bell developed a tetrahedon tent to watch his tetrahedon kites in, I get that it's not about utility.  And the images of it in multiples are intriguing, even if it is kind of like building a big cave with no windows.  Which is why marketing its utility hurts so much.

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