Two Takes On Writing Architecture

traystriple.jpgWriting Architecture is my favorite category.  For most of us architecture exists in words, either through conversation or through the written words.  These days the latter pretty much exist here, on the world wide internet.  Two fresh takes I'm taken with are as follows.

1. Trays.  The students at Harvard's Graduate School of Design have taken a very loose approach befitting a student body.  It's explorative, and worth a daily visit, because there's so much there.  It's also light: you don't need to get the Derrida Reference Book to get through it.  It's like a cross between DTWBYWL and, well, Tropolism.

2. Triple Canopy.  Triple isn't new, but what I love about them is they get in-depth and stay in-depth.  They're like a cross between Pin-Up and a theoretical journal, which is nothing short of a sweet spot in my book.  This one is less browsable, as in you'll need some time to read the articles, but they're all worth it.

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