High Line Upper Section Might Be Saved

maclean.jpg(Picture by Alex S. MacLean)

Thank the Recession!  The High Line's upper section, the portion above 30th Street that curls around the Hudson Yards, might be saved after all.  The City of New York is stepping in to acquire this section, the same step they took in 2005 which allowed the lower half to be turned into the park it's become today.  

The best part of this news is that this part of the High Line is as interesting and unique as the lower half is.  While the lower half cuts through old loft buildings downtown, and gives one a great bird's-eye tour of upper West Village and Chelsea, the upper section is quite different.  It has a small spur that sits smack in the middle of the intersection of 30th Street and Tenth Avenue, and the rest rolls to the south and west sides of the Hudson Yards, running parallel to the West Side Highway and the Hudson River Park on its last bit.  It is the one place the High Line touches the ground, too.  In short, it offers a doubling of the diversity of unique experiences that the lower half gave us. If the architects for the job need any ideas, they might check out this one!

Kudos to Friends of the High Line for pulling this off.  These folks never rest, and they've produced some amazing results.

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