Tropolism's Top Posts, 2008


This is one of our favorite time of years: mine Google Analytics for good, hard data about what everyone liked last year. The results surprised even us. Click here to read the list of our top 10 posts, as decided by you, the dedicated reader.

1. Eliasson Tops The Gates. Well, not this result. Olafur news always does well. But our little news post with a picture of "Reversed Waterfall" seemed to be, by far, the most interesting post of the year.

2. Olafur's Waterfalls Revealed. And then two days later, a small rendering of the waterfalls! Considering these were posted everywhere on earth, I'm grateful that so many of you visited this.

3. Mies Van Der Rohe's Service Station. Given our recent obsession with Miesian Delusions, this is nothing short of full-on satisfactory. And apparently a lot of people type "Mies gas station" into Google.

4. Tropolism Exclusive: The Waterfalls Get A Park. In many ways, this entry is #1 for us: it coined the phrase "pop-up park", which was featured a few days later in a report on New York City television about the park. In addition, the landscape architect Susannah Drake heard someone say those words two days after this post went up, in reference to her design, on the Brooklyn Bridge. If you need an architectural media consultant, please drop me a line. You'll find my rates competitive.

5. Furniture Friday: Compact Dinette Set by Hans Olsen. Sometimes Tropolism means really simple, gorgeous, wonderful, perfectly executed dinette sets.

6. Water Cube Beijing Opens! Anything we post about the Water Cube gets a zillion hits, including this 2006 entry that still rolls 'em in. But the mind blowing renderings finally became real, like most of the mind-blowing architecture that was built for this year's Beijing Olympics.

7. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). A really cool hospital in Copenhagen, found on BIG's website. There's a lot to love about this building, and we're glad you agreed.

8. Shiny Metal Tower Joins Chelsea Wood Tower!. This list favors the posts from earlier in the year, because those tend to aggregate the most hits. If I did some kind of complicated statistical weighting of later posts, or if I'd posted this in January, then I'm certain Shiny Metal Tower Next To Chelsea Wood Tower would be at #1. But it's here.

9. Frank Sinatra's House. The modernist love never sets in Palm Springs, California.

10. UN Studio's VilLA NM Destroyed By Fire. In one of this year's architectural disasters, a UN Studio house that was completed only last year was destroyed early this year. Tropolism means telling the bad news straight up.


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