MONU: Magazine On Urbanism


With an acronym title that makes us envious for not thinking of it first, MONU is difficult to resist. The production and art direction is decidedly low-res: they use only the Photoshop techniques that remind you of the punk posters from the 1980s, or the architecture school posters you made with Photoshop 1.5 in 1991 when you had access to one of the first 300dpi laser printers.

But what is truly special is the breadth of talent contributing. From artist Joep Van Leishout to the always-available (and always interesting) Teddy Cruz, the current issue alone is worth picking up. But there are also a raft of young artists, PhD candidates, and other members of the cross-disciplinary inclined.

MONU issue #8 is out now. A thumbnail of every spread in the issue is also available.


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