Master Disaster Architects 4


[Editor's note: Our correspondent Saharat Surattatnont had so much fun at Tuesday's Fourth Annual Master Disaster Architects duel that his post on the evening showed up last night. Enjoy!]

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Lvhrd's Fourth Annual Master Disaster Architects at the Music Hall of Williamsburg pitted FXFowle against Konyk. Representatives from the two firms had approximately two hours to respond to a program revealed that evening. Their task was to design and model an Alaskan Wildlife Research Facility.


As an architect observing the festivities, the event was a surreal experience. It was somewhere between performance art and competitive chess. Occasional commentary was provided by a lumberjack and a bear. The music was pounding and the drinks were flowing. The contestants, separated by a flannel sheet and surrounded by a mildly enthusiastic audience, engaged in frenzied sketching, cutting and patching. As the night wore on, monotony threatened the evening.


Suddenly a resounding cheer erupted from the crowd as Konyk boldy sliced up their styrofoam site model: a questionable move considering the environmental sensitivity implied in the program. Although separated by the flannel sheet, one can only assume that FXFowle was rattled by the frenzied crowd. Undeterred, FXFowle continued their meticulous concoction of paper, straws, and hot glue residue.


After several minutes and several drinks, the midnight deadline quickly arrived. Konyk unveiled a phallic model that incorporates the tundra into their structure. FxFowle countered with a less invasive "smiley face" form. The sincerity behind their theoretical approach is met with cheers from the raucous crowd.


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