Abu Dhabi Update Part 2: Zaha and Nouvel


This Abu Dhabi wonderland update we are showing off pictures of the models for the designs by Jean Nouvel (pictured) and Zaha Hadid.

Nouvel's scheme for a "classical museum" (possibly a branch of the Louvre) features a huge, flattened dome over an open-air arrangement of smaller buildings. It's like a village, shaded with a space dome. We think it's gorgeous.

Click Continue Reading to see a close-up of the Nouvel dome, and to experience the Zaha model goodness.


Zaha's design is for a performing arts center, with several performance venues each getting their own tail, twisting like a serpent. Or something. The model is not as impressive as the rendering we posted a few weeks ago, but the structure would still be unlike anything, ever.

adzaha1.jpg adzaha2.jpg adzaha3.jpg

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