WTC Small Towers Unveiled


Today, Larry Silverstein, the developer of the World Trade Center, announced the designs for the smaller towers at Ground Zero. The designs are by Lord Foster, Richard Rogers, and Fumihiko Maki.

We'll tell you a secret: even though we always knew the "Freedom" Tower was going to be a snorefest, we thought that Foster, Rogers, and Maki (particularly Maki) would come in through the side door and kick up the architectural refinement on The Site. We were wrong. Click on Continue Reading for our comparisons and comments.

002.jpg005.jpgFoster: it pains us to say it, after so much gorgeousness in diagonal living, but this building should also be known as Philip Johnson's finest building, or, that bank building in Houston, or, the bell tower of the Crystal Cathedral.

03hkg05.jpg Rogers: also known as a smaller and easier to maintain Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. With a little Bank of China in there. Thanks Foster and Pei for the idea! Boldly x-bracing on the exterior. Totally haven't seen that before. Really bold.

sachs.gif Maki: also known as the new Goldman Sachs building. Thanks Cobb for the idea! This from the guy whose first building was an origami-folded concrete roof. Another secret: we are holding out that this building is going to have the most exacting details of the lot, given Maki's obsession with good curtain walls.


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