Scion Competition: Beware


Somewhere along the way, we mentioned this: Tropolism means calling bullshit.

For a grand prize of $5,000, and the opportunity to have your design built, the Scion car company will gladly accept your pro-bono design ideas for their next generation of showroom. It's one thing to hold a competition for something that will improve public urban life, like the High Line: some find even this give-away of architectural design services to be repulsive, some see it as a great way to contribute to the common good. On this point we are agnostic. However, we find it completely outrageous to hold an open design competition and to have three prizes totalling $6,500 for an international car company's private showroom. In fact, we think it's so brazenly unprofessional that we're requesting y'alls spread the word and stay away. And spread the word to stay away.


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