Alessi Disaster


From our Los Angeles correspondant, John Southern:

Last week when I was in NYC I stopped by to see the new Alessi Shop in SoHo only to find it was still under construction. I stepped inside, pretending to be "the guy from the architects office", only to find myself in the middle of a small crisis that was unfolding. A guy who was probably the PM was getting schooled by another gent, whom I took to be the superintendent (or a building inspector). The gist of the argument, from what I could gather, was that the super was going to shut the job down for work violations. Scuttlebutt aside, for those of you who haven't been there yet, the opening is scheduled for the end of August...I'd say it's going to be a little longer. The fat guy blocking my shot is the superintendent, who oddly enough, closely resembles FOG from the rear. The PM was behind me in the street sobbing into his cell phone. It was all tragically beautiful.

Tropolism does not condone deception to get access to a jobsite.


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