Versailles In The Pacific


Pruned posts a long and fantastical article called Versailles In The Pacific. It begins with the announcement of a device called AMOEBA (Advanced Multiple Organized Experimental Basin, of course), which gives humankind the ability to write the letter "S" into the surface of water. We weren't astounded, until Pruned did a Thomas Edison on us and speculated about the practical applications of this discovery:

Of course, we cannot wait until a larger version of the AMOEBA gets built, something continental or oceanic in scale. And then rather than propagating saccharine heart shapes and smily faces or boring letters and numbers, one could inscribe the Gardens of Versailles in their entirety somewhere in the South Pacific.
Unfortunately, there is also the possibility of weaponizing AMOEBA waves in the same way one could easily turn any natural earth systems, e.g. earthquakes, into a national security threat. Because once the machine falls into the hands of al-Qaeda, they can then easily wipe Los Angeles off the map with a tsunami. In the shape of Versailles.

Check out Pruned for more tasty images. This is the stuff that gets us out of bed each morning.


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