Richard Meier's First House

Yesterday's call for information on Richard Meier's first house (somewhere on Fire Island) registered several quick replies,.

First was the ever-vigilant-to-RSS-updates Greg Allen, who dutifully quoted interviews with Anne Bancroft stating that the house was located in Lonelyville.

Next came from friends who vacation in Lonelyville, where their family has owned a house for decades. They are architects and have the following notes:

I know the house well....its just up the walk (Plank Walk, in Lonelyvillle) from our house. Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft sold it a few years ago. It has been added to a couple times by others, and though we can point out the original lines of the Meier house, not much really remains to be photographed. It might make an interesting story, and of course a walk to Lonelyville is always nice, but the house will not stand out on remaining architectural merit.

The other friend says:

Not worth the (very long) walk, I would say. - we have some old family pictures on the beach with the house in the background (from the early 70's) It is unrecognizable now. There is a small picture of the house in the white RM monograph from the 80's. The original client was Phyllis Lambert.

Pictures, anyone?


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