Tomas Scaraceno: Air-Port-City

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Continuing this week's theme of artists who build 'scapes, our friends at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery point us to their current exhibition of Tomas Scaraceno, Air-Port-City.

While the online slideshow is devoted exclusively to pieces from the slideshow in the gallery's back room, the main space is devoted to three sculptures, two of which we found fascinating. Click continue reading for more.

One is a minimalist ode to magnetism, almost hidden in the middle of a tableux including a simple desk, a glass of water, a sheet of paper, a table lamp, and a stapler which is holding down a string, the other end of which is being drawn to the lamp by a screw at its end. This little act of natural activity, in the middle of a desk, is both disruptive and soothing. We found it a subtle reminder that amongst they physical trappings of quotidien business affairs lies electromagnetic processes in perfect, disruptable, balance.

IMG_0195.jpg IMG_0194.jpg IMG_0197.jpg

Another is a balloon-net-moss structure, held down by a single rock. The structure swings back and forth as you move the air around it, and the close-up reminds us of the fantastic scapes of both John Powers and Archigram.


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