New Orleans Masterplan: Erased, But Funded

nola redevelopment.jpg

New Orleans must have 'New York disaster area political trainwreck' envy. In January, we noted, with enthusiasm, how progressive they were in New Orleans in generating a preliminary master plan for the entire city only four months after the hurricaine took out most of the city. Of course, there were some fluffy parts (like a light rail) but it was a beginning. It was sunk by a spineless mayor and locals who insist on reviving neighborhoods built on floodplains.

Since then, that mayor has been re-elected, and no one seems to know what is next. The federal government is set to begin sending rebuilding money to the City, except there is no Plan. In fact, if you read the New York Times' article on the subject, there is nothing but confusion. Mayor speaking off the cuff about planning issues, perhaps with an intention to let communities take the first step before painful choices are made. Who knows? What's certain is that if New Orleans had a plan, and the political support behind it, it could be making rebuilding progress right now.


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