Implant Matrix Installation


Architects oftentimes have other outlets for their creativity. Some teach. Some do watercolor. Some write weblogs. Some make sculptures. This last category seems to have the most participants, to mixed results.

One of the more interesting of this lot is the installations of Philip Beesley and Will Elsworthy. While they have a full portfolio of completed and projected buildings, they also have a full portfolio of completed installation sculpture. Their latest is called Implant Matrix, an interactive sculptural installation currently on exhibition in Toronto until June 29. The piece is composed of "purpose programmed micro-controlled sensors and actuators that provide a mechanical response to user stimuli". It is organized as a large organic array shape memory alloy (aka muscle wire) driven pores open and close as people touch sensors that are suspended from the matrix. It looks like it's going to come alive and creep around the room. Which is why we're intrigued by it: it would make a lovely topiary for any environment.


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