Your Hidden City Winner: Best Hidden Place


A dark alley, illuminated by a lone lamp leads you uphill to the ruins of an old medieval house (not in the picture) closely resembling a castle. Locals pass by this place everyday without considering the strong mysterious atmosphere it has. The paved road, standing there for ~800 years perhaps (the mediaval town house is from ~XII century) has a very long story and you can stand there and imagine the events it has witnessed and still has to witness.

Melnik is a small town in Southern Bulgaria. In the past it was a large merchant center with a population of over ~10000. Now there are only ~200 residents and the town is an architectural reserve.

You can read more about the town at,_Bulgaria

Your Hidden City Best Hidden Place goes to Sergey Todorov's image "Secret Alley In Melnik". Check back later today for another winning entry.


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