Your Hidden City Winner: Best Density


one of the most amazing things about this city is remembering to look up and seeing the most extraordinary ceilings above the most ordinary of settings.

The jury has voted, and the winners have won! Your Hidden City Best Density goes to Steph Goralnick's image "escalate". Juror Geoff Manaugh, of BLDGBLOG, interpreted density as "the light effects, where 'density' is interpreted as 'contradiction,' or multiple counter-motions in one frame". The rest of us agreed.

The contest created a gorgeous Flickr Pool. The jury thought they were going to be able to wade...instead, we had to swim. Deep pool. Thanks for being patient. Each of the winners will be posted each day this week.

Part of the open-source nature of this contest is that the other jurors may be posting their own winners. We were far from unanimous on our choices, and I invite you to discover the diversity of opinion by visiting the other jurors:

Lisa Chamberlain of Polis and who also covers real estate for the New York Times
David Cuthbert of architechnophilia
Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG
Shawn Micallef of Toronto Psychogeography Society Blog
Miss Representation
Jimmy Stamp of Life Without Buildings


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