Your Hidden City Winner: Best Building


Rue marcel proust--some of the better housing around Paris... all are encouraged to look up the plan on google earth--maybe 1 or 2 directly km s.e. of the periphery--you'll find it.

From time to time we’re all compelled to renounce our city for someplace new and unfamiliar. On saturdays I’d swipe my Carte d’Orange and take the Metro to the end of the line—in this case the 8. From a strictly visual standpoint, this part of Créteil has scarcely anything in common with Paris proper (one could make a case for the Guimard stations but It’s a stretch), or few other places for that matter.

Your Hidden City Best Building goes to John H. Drain's image "Créteil". Thanks go out again to the participants and the jury for making this contest a success!


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