Tropolism Buildings: 7WTC


The main reason for my attendance at the awards ceremony for the MASterwork award for 55 Water Street was to, of course, see 7WTC. No, it wasn't to hear Larry Silverstein sell us on the latest Halle Barry movie. And so my little photo tour follows. The building contains lots of well-crafted details. Also, the building's empty floorplates are evocative of a future New York: floor-to-ceiling glass, wraparound skylines, and a sense of solitude. Being in such a large commercial structure, pristine yet devoid of any occupation, was quieting.

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IMG_7907.jpg IMG_7912.jpg IMG_7915.jpg IMG_7916.jpg IMG_7919.jpg IMG_7922.jpg IMG_7923.jpg IMG_7924.jpg IMG_7925.jpg IMG_7941.jpg

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