Your Hidden City Closing Soon!


Submissions for the Your Hidden City project end today at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Click here to read the details on how to post.

After 5pm, the estimable jury will judge the photos and select winners in the following categories:

Best Hidden Place
Best Density
Best Natural/Urban Overlap
Best Unofficial Landmark
Best Building

The jury, you'll recall, is composed of:

Lisa Chamberlain of Polis and who also covers real estate for the New York Times
David Cuthbert of architechnophilia
Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG
Shawn Micallef of Toronto Psychogeography Society Blog
Miss Representation
Jimmy Stamp of Life Without Buildings

The contest was expected to be a little stream: it turned into a deluge. With close to 1,000 entries, we have our work cut out for us. The winners will be posted to Tropolism, as promised, but the posting date is delayed. Stay tuned for updates. Good luck!

Photo by We {Know}, You {Don't}! in the Tropolism Flickr pool.


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