15 Best Skylines, Sorta


We point you to 15 Best Skylines in the World for two reasons. First, we are encyclopedic compeletists who are easily seduced by pretty pictures and who love lists, even if the lists are willfully incomplete. Second, we live in New York, and are total skyline snobs. Tropolism means tough love begins at home, and my therapist and I are working hard on this issue. In the meantime, we are bewildered. While it may be acceptable by some measures to put Chicago's skyline above New York's, particularly now that we are without a few of our tallest buildings, we want to share our dismay at some of the additions. Seattle (we love Seattle, but it's like the woods with a few buildings, ya know?). Toronto (the CN Tower does not a skyline make). We're just thankful Pittsburgh and Dallas (what, no Albuquerque or Los Angeles?) got pushed below the Honorable Mentions line.

Via SwissMiss


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