New Orleans Plan Revised, Unleashed

nola redevelopment.jpg

After revising the really dumb parts of their resettlement plan, the commission charged with doing the master plan for New Orleans has released their plan. The New York Times reports on it, and as bonus visual we have a PDF from the Times-Picayune (in exile at, as well as a much more thorough, albeit ambling, accounting of what's going on down there. What we get from the articles is imaginative thinking and a sense of teamwork on the commission.

There was a hurricane about four months ago, and they already have a master plan to rebuild their city. And, it's one designed to account for the political protests that always surround such massive rebuilding efforts. Even though the situations are entirely different, and a compmarison can create the illusion that they are similar: it's difficult to believe that the master plan developed for the World Trade Center took longer, because it was moving office space and a few blocks of street grid.


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