Zaha Hadid: So Totally Not At The Louvre


The fact checker takes an early Christmas Vacation and look what happens. Tropolism misses some big news! Zaha's Louvre competition entry, the one we so breathlessly admired below, is, alas, on the cutting room floor. Javier at Archinect gives us the full story:

you might be interested to know and should note that the Zaha louvre project is a competition entry that will never be. apparently kultureflash posted images of it and it has spread around the design blogs as if it were to be built. the winning entry was announced in july and went to Mario Bellini with Rudy Ricciotti (sp?). Search Archinect news for Louvre for more info.

After spending ten minutes to figure out where the search feature was on Archinect (click news, then the search bar comes up) I see that Archinect has a little blurb on the winners, dating back to August 8. Who knew? The winners are a little more subtle, but just as surreal.


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