Tropolism's Best 2005


This is the time of year when I acknowledge you, dear reader, for making Tropolism a success! Accordingly, I've opened up our referral stats and compiled a list of your favorite entries. You all vote with your clicks!:

1. 55 Is Alive. Announcing the opening of a project I led and designed when I worked for Rogers Marvel Architects.

2. Manhattan Tower Clad In Wood. Posted only a few weeks ago. A tower with a prefabricated plywood veneer panel on the exterior. The architects for this have emailed me about 20 times thanking me for it; perhaps they are driving traffic up.

3. What Does Tropolism Mean?. Coming in unexpectedly is the dark horse "About" page, where the editorial staff attempts to explain what "Tropolism" means. We love this page too, so are endeared you found it in your hearts to include it.

4. The Increasingly Complete Two-Dozen List. The Two Dozen List, of celebrity-architect-designed luxury condo buildings of a particular size. We are hoping that 2006 will help us complete this list. We need something besides the Sculpture for Living to pound on.

5. Inspiration 101. Tired of Other Websites complaining (they're "kidding," which is high-functioning complaining in our manual) we chose to create Inspiration, which investigates where Beauty comes from.


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