Spanish Architecture Finally Gets Noticed By Non-Spanish-Speaking MOMA


We love MoMA. We really do. But sometimes, it just is workin' our nerves. Mercifully, there are some facts in this article, which state that 70% of the work shown in the upcoming review of contemporary Spanish Architecture at MoMA is by Spanish Architects. Of course, this is web page three. The first two pages are devoted to quotes by Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel talking about Spain. And, of course, Terry Riley talking about contemporary Spanish Architecture in an historical context. Apparently, it all began with Gehry's building in Bilbao!

Also, the article mention Martínez Lapeña-Torres as if they 1)haven't been around forever and 2) we all don't have books about them already. And, there's no quote from them. Or any of the 70%. Doe they not speak Spanish.


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