AMOOMA, in true mirrorspeak fashion, has released the most fascinating, and at the same time most lame, press release ever. First, they break the news that they are working on a study to re-define art museums (and, that the director of the Hermitage trekked to Amsterdam to sign the proposal). Normally, we would call this the lame part, but after the masterwork that is the Seattle Library, we're willing to ride with them on this one. Second, they break the news that AMO will have...just this project this year! Which begs the questions: what is AMO's staff working on right now? Picking up redlines for OMA?

In this proposal, we are reminded of the initial promise behind the Eyebeam competition, a new museum for all kinds of art, one that may not just show art, but produce it, too.

Side note: we are grateful to have under-25yo friends who can decipher Archinect for us. They send us links like this one so we don't have to spend our time figuring out how to navigate their interface.


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