Banlieue, We Hardly Knew Ye


Tropolism means creative ideas for new housing. Everywhere. This article suggests some really brilliant ideas by the Dutch, particularly this one:

In the old days, the argument runs, a person with a working-class identity could live in "working-class housing." But today people have housing careers that vary as much as their professional ones. When they are young and not terribly bothered by noise, they might choose small, functional places close to cultural attractions and nightlife. They can move to larger, quieter ones when they have families and then trade space for comfort when their children leave home.

Props to the author for touching on Le Corbusier's revolutionary uniformity, while handily avoiding the 'the building made them do it' crap. We think Le Corbusier's credit is long overdue. The problem wasn't what he came up with. The problem is that no one came up with a variety of other stuff to mix with his towers-in-the-green to make them messy (urban). Shame on us.

Attention USA suburban developers: can we please, please, please have some variety and density?


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