Banlieue: Gowanas Canal Edition


The crack reporting staff at Curbed (which is our favorite architecture site, yo) uncovered this nugget about the next Banlieue, here in our own back yard. Or, to be precise, the former sewage canal in the woods behind our backyard.

Apparently, the architect, Mr. Enrique Norton's studio, was so inspired by their trip to the crowded mess around Shinjuku Station, complete with trees precariously wedged between roadway and side of building, meaningless lawns, and gray surfaces of indeterminate material everywhere, that they chose to design an entire development to look like it. Unfortunately for the Gowanas Canal, there is nothing like the 3.22 million people per day going through this station, so be ready to have all those glass street-level patios turned into lifeless and locked surfaces. AKA: Battery Park City for the 00's.


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