The Hidden City


As you know, Tropolism means making the hidden city visible.

Yesterday, the local paper ran an article about Open House New York, which had tours of hidden, inaccessable, or just plain private spaces for any New Yorker who got the press release. We did not. However, we are totally on top of the next one.

In related news, they linked Forgotton NY, a website I've had bookmarked for years that is an ever-expanding resource for hidden, forgotten, buried New York. My favorite: whatever happened to disappeared streets? Again, a great example of how the internet is yet another way of mapping, viewing, and discovering cities.

Further into the old-bookmark territory was Infiltration; however, their online resources for NYC are gone, exploded into a myriad of websites for cities around the world.

I invite you to write us here at the olden weblogge and tell us about your Open House New York journeys. Or to anywhere hidden.


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