Switch Building: Not Not Real

nA_PERS_north_below.jpg Tropolism means be clear about what you know you don't know. In this case, I disclosed that I didn't know something about several buildings on my incomplete list, including nArchitects' Switch Building.

After the jump, construction photos from a photo-correspondant, the diligent and thorough Mr Salmon, who was very clear that Switcheroo was not not-real...

Our new internet pal has been to the Lower East Side this year and took these pictures for our illumination. Please note the large gaping blue sky next to Switcheroo. This is the site for BLUUU. I particularly love how our photo-correspondant gave us a large blue sky, just to give us a sense of the (dis)appear/ance of Tschumi's design.

switchbuilding1.jpg switchbuilding2.jpg

Now that we can see the construction shots, we can say this. The building has an interesting facade, and in one corner of each floor, there's a slightly better view either uptown or downtown. The website's rendering is very close to what is actually going up. Of course, the dramatic shadowing was eliminated by our photo-correspondant's taking of the picture during the late afternoon, and not the rendering's full-morning sun.

For now, the building resides on the list near the middle, but I'm moving it up to #9. Interesting facade, but no sense of internal organization being affected by it. This is new york, so "interesting facade" is farther than most of us get for this sized building, on this kind of budget.


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