Pretty Lights at 55 Water Street, Part 1


Tropolism isn't all about hard-hitting journalism. We like pretty lights as much as the next blogger. We also like talking to our friends. This is why when Jim Conti, the lighting designer for 55 Water Street, told us that there were different programs to the LED lights at The Beacon, we asked him to tell us more.

Part one after the jump...

During the first part of our conversation, Jim spoke a little bit about what the park at 55 Water Street was like for him. He described it as being like "going to a theatre", with the stair lobby, the ascent to the show, and then a pause at the top of the stairs, as you enter the theater, in this case the ampitheater/performance space and the landscape. "New Yorkers are always on, and this place brings that out."


He conceived of the lighting as being like "a large living room" with overhead lighting "and a gorgeous glowing table lamp in the corner". As a result, there are no lights-on-poles to compete with the honey locusts of the park: all lighting comes from the Beacon, the low walkway lighting, or the downlights mounted on the 14th floor of the tower at 55 Water Street.

We'll post part two of our little talk after the negatives come back from the darkroom, later this week.


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