More Buildings On Water In Hamburg

HDM elbphilharmonie.jpg

Our German correspondant is keeping us totally current on the redevelopment of the HafenCity Project in Hamburg. And up-to-date we are, because he tipped us to these gorgeous images of the core of the plan: a new concert hall by Herzog & de Meuron made from the shell of an old warehouse building, which from certain angles looks like a little island on the water, kind of like a Flatiron Building. Except in Germany. In Water. The building doesn't float, but it looks like it does (which is half the battle in a computer rendering, yo). Some translated notes for you all:

Hamburg's new landmark concert hall "Elbphilharmonie" will be built as part of the "HafenCity" (harbour city) development, at a cost of ~$230M. People are so enthused about the project that the City of Hamburg already collected a quarter of this amount in donations - before even starting the campaign.

The red brick base of the building is a warehouse structure designed and built in 1963-1966. Part of the brick sturcture will become a parking garage.

The new (top) part will host a hotel, appartments and two auditoriums for 2,200 and 600 people behind its glass facade, it is designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron .

The project is set to complete in 2009.

There is a small English writeup, as well as a longer article in German. There is also a wicked cool slideshow.

German Parliament has approved the plans, and it's apparently green lighted. People who would put a 40-story Gehry building in the East River: please take note on how to do a beautiful river building.


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