How To Rebuild 50,000 Homes, Part 1


The challenge is clear: how to rebuild between 30,000 to 50,000 (or is it 80,000?) homes after they've been scraped away from the worst-hit parts of New Orleans.

What is heartening is that there is an active community watching the process closely. Of particular cause for hope is that their message seems to have reached at least a couple of politicians' ears, because they've raised public awareness about the historic house stock.

What I find not as helpful is Mr. Ourousoff's assessment of the situation. His argument never seems to rise above 'don't just do historicist houses', which is simply the opposite of 'rebuild New Orleans in a historic style'. No new solutions have been suggested here. We here are looking for some good ideas ourselves, as you can see. Anyone care to send more our way?


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