Tropolism TV: Lost


One of our favorite televised spaces is the interior of an airplane. The camera transforms the insipid interior of a first-class cabin into something magnificent.

The other thing we like to watch, as a welcome respite to a day spent drafting or battling contractors, is verdant paradises in High-Definition television.

In short, we love watching either the ideal machined interior, or pretty green tropical leaves.

The television show Lost, which begins its new season tonight, is a delight because it delivers both experiences. In fact, its narrative depends on the back-and-forth between weird super-paradise and airplane interior. And, it is transmitted in HDTV.

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Lost is the ultimate vacation fantasy. First, you take a trip on an airplane. Not some stinky Delta flight, but the idyllic Oceanic Airlines, with its light-suffused terminal in Syndey and colorful logo. And, of course, not some boring, cramped flight. It is a really cool flight, the kind where the oxygen masks actually pop down and the tail gets ripped off and people actually get sucked out. And you get to watch it all. It goes without saying that you will survive this disaster. Of course, all our daydreams are disasters.


Cut to part two of the vacation: you crash landed on a beach! You go from man-made wreck to endangerment by natural forces. You see, this abandoned pirate-island is full of beaches, caves, crazy people you meet, crazy people you can't see, huge polar bears, and the comforting camaraderie of the other gorgeous castaways.

lost.s01e18.hdtv-lol07 099.jpg

Lost is mentioned here because of the relationship between its urban episodes and tropical survival scenes. It resonates to this urban dweller because it shows the fantasy of freedom from the urban constraints, without the boredom associated with a comfortable tropical getaway. The island offers many layers of activities, both physical and intellectual. The show needles all of our insipid urban experiences, be they airplane or resort.


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