The Wordless Appearance


Several months ago, I began a blog entirely devoted to my love, architecture. Like Warhol's wife (his tape recorder), I am always accompanied by cities, by how the density of building (or nondensity of buildings) brings people together in new an uncanny ways, by how their materials create a beautiful new world for us to be born into. Cities have become our Second Nature.

Tropolism is for architects and city-dwellers who are critical of architectural practice, and who find beauty everywhere, sometimes in really big failures. You can count on me to find value wherever it can be found.

Tropolism is for those of us tired of reading gossip and complaining about buildings and architects. This space is a quest for ideas, suggestions, and solutions. Writing this space has revealed to me that a powerful critic, unlike an opinion columnist, filters his opinions through a much denser lens of fact. It is a kind of writing perfectly tailored to architecture itself, which is never reducible to its function, motivations, or circumstances, yet derives its power by being irrevocably twinned to these concerns.

Today I celebrate beauty, in particular the urban impact of beauty, a topic of special concern to my nascent practice. I look forward to writing New York, Los Angeles, London, or Tokyo, and in turn brightening them. Welcome, again, to Tropolism.


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