Fake Estates


The Times helpfully points us in the direction of shows related to Gordon Matta-Clark's work Fake Estates. The reporting on the leftover tax bills is particularly amusing, along with some insights into what we might learn of the artist's work today.

Tropolism has barely touched on one of its primary sources of inspiration. Gordon Matta-Clark's life and work were the very model of a youthful aspiration not based on selling stuff (also known as the art business), while not unduly divorced from making things. The parallel to architecture is obvious to us, abetted by Matta-Clark's projects cutting buildings. He worked on buildings precisely because architecture is the access to the unconsious, because they are both form and background environment. His work embodies a chaotic balance between love of urbanism and skepticism about design culture. His work is not about complaining. His writing makes no sense, gorgeously so.

Don't be so surprise that I haven't mentioned him. The fact that he pissed Peter Eisenman off when he shot out the windows at a show with the New York Five should have been a dead giveaway.


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