Tropolism Online: Nolli y2k+5


We like to think of sites like Tropolism as what the Nolli Plan of Rome of 1748 would have been if they had IEEE 802.11g: as a way to look at the city from a lot of different angles, a way of taking apart the line between public and private, a way to discover continuities, a way to map every, every hidden corner.

Check back in a couple of years to see how we're doing.

In the mean time, the people at the U of Oregon have put together a more literal formulation: satellite images plus scan of Nolli plan equals eNolli! It is an overlarge bibliography with a bunch of essays and some incredibly overwrought and underimportant overlays. Tiber River really needs its own layer? But it's still fun. I never get tired of looking at the Atlante de Roma in my drawing room, and now I can do it online, with the Nolli plan always hovering in a transluscent background layer, like it always is. This is the point where I would giggle, if you were here.


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