Robert Smithson's Floating Island


Back from the dead: Robert Smithson's project "Floating Island To Travel Around Manhattan" is set to begin, er, floating around Manhattan September 17th through the 25th.

We choose to set aside issues of authorship (so 70s) and history (80s) and craft (90s) by creating from scratch a project by a long-dead artist who developped projects while they were being made (or bulldozed, same diff). We just bow to the interest posed by the object itself. Architects are fundamenatally formalists, after all. If it exists, it exists. Om. A floating island around Manhattan is cool. It is a lovely reminder that Manhattan is a machine itself, with a few trees thrown in for good measure.

What I want to know: can we catch a ride?

The project is co-sponsored by the Whitney (whose superb RS show rocked my world, and notified me of this project), whose great website has absolutely nothing about the project, and Minetta Brook, whose lovely flash website has lots of information about the whole affair.

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