Finding ANY 27

Okay, I'm the first to say it: Why would anyone want a back issue of ANY? After all, the magazine was over-designed by 2x4: confusing layouts, illegible ink choices, labyrinthine page-folding strategies/tactics. The journal was neither academic nor journalistic: discuss. It never approached the academic rigour of Oppostitions, and had few new actual-buildings in it. They never seemed to get their website stuff in order, even though they had commissioned yours truly to create a huge architecture portal in 1998. So why would one bother?

I'm glad you asked, because I have prepared an answer for that question.

To get the wonderful fold-out print of Miralles drawings, the printed tribute to him shortly after his death, in the only large-format reproduction of his beautiful drawings I know of.

(Also, their offices are two blocks from mine, it was easier to go there than to troll ebay).


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