Artist As Customer Service


Greg, the artwork you're looking for is called "Food", 1971, corner of Prince and Wooster, Soho. Run by Gordon Matta-Clark, Carol Gooden, and someone whose name I cannot remember (Tropolism's fact checker left my copy of the book about Food at home).

There is an interesting memoir here. However, more to Greg's interest, this piece touches on the impact Food had on the emergence of what became artist-Soho (pre-retail-Soho), as well as the fact that Food was an implicit critique of the displacement of manufacturing by the artists' lofts.

Of course, those days are long over in Manhattan. That's a fact, not a complaint. Tropolism embraces urban change, so you won't see us shedding tears for the long-lost oldene timey days when living in a leaky Soho loft was considered the Golden Age.


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