Libeskind: Eternal Optimist

JMcK-10-03-2004-Libeskind-smiling.jpgJust when I was starting to believe the media carping about him, I read something that inspires me:

"The most important quality an architect can possess is optimism."

I'm still annoyed at the Cincinnati condo, though. And I'm not saying I was ever enthralled by the symbols created for the site. It is the idea of eternal optimism I'm inspired by.

I like to say that architects must be their buildings before they are built. No one else knows them better, until construction begins. The architect must build a community around his project, which will bring the building into being. Otherwise, it's just a design you made up. In short, you must always believe in the possibility of the building, and never believe what people are complaining about.

I have intentionally left hyperlinks to complaining out of this post, as much as they may satisfy my tendency for cattiness. They are too numerous to list, anyway.


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