The Secret Star of MOMA Architecture

Remember those two shows I saw at MoMA a couple of weeks ago? I nearly forgot to tell you: the secret star was someone I've seen around, but whose name was always in the background. The shop's work was in more than one exhibition. Huge piles of artifacts were by this studio. I'm speaking of the model craftspeople at Kennedy Fabrications. (Warning: Shockwave site approaching. Also not very up-to-date). They built the gorgeous High Line model I pictured, as well as models in the Groundswell show.

Of note is their command of many techniques. Architectural modelling is much like drawing: it requires mastery of the skill of matching technique to underlying idea. Some models were lit, some were photorealistic, some were super-abstract. But they were all large works of art that took a great deal of energy and coordination to execute.

Modelmakers: contractors of the miniature.


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